Roadside memorials often involve a white cross and flowers, but along Highway 49 there is a rather unique memorial.

Hundreds of boots line the fence of a pomegranate farm.

"David died in a car wreck. He was only 23." said Patty Navarro, David's mother.

Locals call it the boot fence, but Patty Navarro calls it a living memory. Her son died in 1989 after he was a passenger in a roadside collision that broke the hearts of family and neighbors.

Patty said her son was born with a pair of boots on, always working on the farm, and his boots could have collected dust in a close. Instead the family put them on a fence posts outside the farm.

"Everyone came over after that with boots. They wanted to be a part of this." said Navarro.

Within days, more boots showed up. Neighbors line the entire property with various cowboy boots to show respect.

"I need more boots now. It’s been a long time." said Navarro.

The old boots are starting to fade in the sun, but she welcomes anyone to come take pictures of them. If you come in August, she owns a pomegranate farm. You can come buy pomegranates for her and she will tell you all about the boot fence.