It's summertime in California and boy is it hot.

What better way to cool off in our beautiful state's nature than a hike to a rare swimming hole? Don't know of any?

Well, somebody wrote a book about all the state's best swimming holes.

Tim Joyce penned the “Swimming Holes of California.” He’s not only written about the dozens of the best swimming holes in our state, but he’s hiked to all of them. And jumped in.

"Everybody asks me the question, 'Where are the best swimming holes,' well, what do you want," Joyce asked. "A beach? Do you want cliffs? There’s something for everyone."

Joyce added that the one thing about the swimming holes in California is we're one of the unique places in the world that has all these features.

"Most places don't have that," Joyce said.

For info on where to find the best swimming holes in California, or to order the book,