If you drink one diet soda per day, you’re three times more likely to have a stroke or get dementia.

A recent study published in the medical journal “Stroke” surveyed 4,000 people. Their findings took aim at artificial sweeteners in diet soda.

Consumers are becoming more and more skeptical about artificial sweeteners. That concern has caused a five percent sales dip for brands like Pepsi, Coke and Mountain Dew.

Dr. Lynn Hanna, a Nutritionist at Cal State University Sacramento says; "Artificial sweeteners are fooling your brain"

The study results don’t suggest that you switch from diet soda to sugar-based sodas. The survey says regular Coke and Pepsi put you more at risk for brain aging. Did you know that each 12 ounce regular Coke and Pepsi contain eight teaspoons full of sugar?

These days, more consumers than ever are opting for healthier choices.

"Flavored waters and water are really good options," Hanna said.

To clarify, even if you drink diet or regular soda, it doesn't mean you'll have a stroke or develop dementia, however, you are putting yourself more at risk for developing medical maladies. The study found only three percent of the soda drinkers had a new stroke and five percent developed dementia.