Most people get their water from a faucet or plastic bottle, but just outside Patterson, people are driving long distances to get their drinking water from a garden hose.

But, this isn’t your average H2O. The water comes from Adobe Springs in Stanislaus County and is loaded with a particularly healthly mineral. Ben and David Leonard drive more than an hour from their Turlock home to get it.

"It's some of the best water in the world because of the magnesium," Ben said.

More than a 16 million gallons of the magnesium rich water was taken from Adobe Springs last year. Some say the spring is a mineral water version of the fountain of youth.

“My 95-year-old mother drinks it, [it] keeps her regular, [it's] good for her heart and energy," David said.

Adobe Springs has some of the highest concentrations of magnesium recorded from a natural spring. Magnesium is essential for energy production and a slew of other body functions. Sacramento Nutritionist, Sherrlyn Christmas-John says many Americans are lacking the mineral.

Paul Mason.

“Some of the studies are showing up to 95 percent of the population could have a deficiency of magnesium," Christmas-John said.

Poor eating habits could be part of the problem but, Christmas-John says, but the problem really starts with the soil our food is grown in.

"Our soil is depleted," Christmas-John said. "We just don’t have the soil mineral density today."

There’s a magnesium shortage at Adobe Springs. The mineral literally flows out the rocks. Paul Mason would know. He owns Adobe Springs and the State Health Department regularly tests his water.

"All the rocks around here are magnesium rich," Mason said. "Normal bottled water has one to five milligrams of magnesium, as to where we have 110 milligrams of magnesium."

Just three bottles of Adobe Springs water adds up to the daily recommended dose of magnesium.

Bottling companies can't get enough of Adobe Springs water. They buy it by the truckload and haul it off daily. Mason gives the water away free in small amounts if you are drinking it if for personal use. After your first sip, you may notice the slight mineral taste. It may taste a little odd at first but, that could be because you are not used to the taste of magnesium.

The National Institute of Health found Americans aren’t getting enough magnesium in their diet. Adding more magnesium to a balanced diet has proven to prevent or improve a variety of ailments, everything from diabetes to constipation.

Mason said he's not looking to make big profits off his water. He wants to educate people about the importance of Magnesium. He believes the world would be healthier if more people started drinking mineral enriched spring water.

"There is no real fountain of youth that I know of... but this [Adobe Springs] is the closest thing I can think of," Mason said.

The location of Adobe Springs and Masons Magnesium research can be found here.