71-year-old Steven Polansky from Carmichael, California, will cross the California International Marathon finish line for the 35th time Sunday.

He will be one of approximately 11,000 people participating in the annual event that starts in Folsom and ends at the state capitol in Downtown Sacramento.

"This race, percentage wise, qualifies more runners for the Boston Marathon than any other race in the U.S.," said Polansky.

Polansky is one of 12 men known as ‘the streakers.' The group has ran the CIM since its inception in 1983.

"We're so lucky that this has happened, and that we're able to run this every year,” said Polansky.

“We always have to explain that we're not running around naked," he joked.

The OBGYN and longtime runner has more than 100 medals, including 72 from marathons. The avid runner says that despite running in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Berlin, Tokyo, and dozens of other cities — his favorite is the one he gets to run at home.

"I love the sport and I love Sacramento, and the two kind of meld each year in December, and that's why I keep running this."