A Sunday night of comedy at Old Sacramento's Laughs Unlimited.

For the next hour or so, those who’ve paid to be entertained are hoping the comic's jokes will help them laugh at the world and themselves.

As the comedy begins, one of the comics tells us about her unique family names and a crazy aunt who helped name her "Kennelia," a combination of Kenny and Ophelia. The comic is ABC10 Morning Blend’s own traffic anchor, Kennelia Stradwick.

Recalling her family tree in her standup, she says; "I have a cousin named LaCory. Because Cory wasn't enough. Lacory, Tamika, Tashiba, LaDrena, Bakia and Jaquela.”

A good comic knows the room — as in who's in tonight's crowd. These jokes may not fly in a different city. And if the audience wants to play with you, you do so.

"I'm not fighting with someone in the crowd so if you want to heckle I'll go tit for tat with you for a bit but I'm not going to waste my time fighting with somebody," Stradwick said.

Unless you're a big name comic, you mostly do these gigs unpaid. What you're doing is getting your name out there, working on fresh material and hoping that somebody will notice your sharp wit.

"Even if I don't make it to the level where I have a Showtime special or my own comedy special, I can still work these clubs on the weekend, so again, if you work hard there's no way it won't work out, it just won't work out the way you thought it would," Stradwick noted.

At the end of her five minute set, the comic exits to head straight to bed. There's a wake up alarm four hours later for her real job doing the morning traffic on ABC10.