One Nevada County man has spent the better part of his retired years looking for the perfect coffee pot.

After 30 years of searching, he now believes he has the largest collection west of the Mississippi.

"If you think there is more out there then you can challenge me," Walt Aarons said. The odd ball collector started hoarding coffee pots about 30 years ago. His collection has grown so large, he's lost count.

"Some probably date back to the 1890's. They are truly works of art," Aarons said.

Inside his museum, you will find ceramic coffee pots, copper pots and the new stainless steel pots. The story behind the collection is kind of funny.

Walt's girlfriend, 30 years ago, asked him to find one coffee pot for an antique collection.

"Started bringing more and more. Finally, she said stop, but I couldn't stop," Aarons said.

Eventually, he moved his collection to Washington, California, in a historic building.

"At one time it was a Wells Fargo Stop," Aarons said.

Lately, the artifacts have been gathering a lot of dust. Aarons is not as young as he used to be and he's been forced to reduce the hours at the museum.

"Don't know what I am going to do with the building. I would like to give it to a non-profit or something," Aarons said.

If you ask nicely, Aarons may give you a tour. If you are looking to add to your own odd collection, put a pot on the stove and work out a deal with the pot collector.