This kind of Hi-Fructose doesn’t lead to blood-sugar spikes.

Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of Hi-Fructose, is an exhibition at Crocker Art Museum in honor of the 10 year anniversary of a popular Bay Area based art magazine.

An installation by artist Mark Dean Veca greets visitors as they step off the elevator into a psychedelic embrace – a riot of hot pink, lime green, orange and yellow with graphic black and white wall paintings with a vaguely intestinal feel.

Comfy beanbag chairs offer comfy vantage points from which to soak in the swirling fantasmagoria before stepping into the gallery proper to view an intriguing mix of paintings, sculptures and other objects of art.

It’s the first time this grouping of artists have exhibited their work outside the printed page, said Karen Christian, a spokeswoman for Crocker.

The exhibition runs until Sept. 17.