The job outlook for San Joaquin County hasn't been this good in decades.

The unemployment rate sits at a historic low of 6.2%.

21-year-old Anthony Smith of Manteca has been out of work months looking for work, any kind of work.

"Doesn't matter. If an employer wants me to mop the floors for 8 hours I'll mop the floors. I'll clean the bathroom," says Smith.

Smith is one of the many still looking for a job at San Joaquin County's job help center called WorkNet.

Kameela Woods is a cashier and server, but hopes to better herself with the bonanza of jobs hitting the county.

"Very dedicated. I'm very hardworking. I stay committed to the work that I can accomplish," said Woods.

WorkNet says there are 8500 companies in San Joaquin County looking for workers.

At least 20,000 jobs are available.

"6.2. We've never had 6.2 unemployment for decades." said John Solis, executive director of WorkNet."There are jobs at every level. From executive management down to the trenches ya know. Semi skilled, skilled labor. I don't think there is an industry sector that is not looking for people to work. And they're desperate. Employers want to hire."

Ashley Perryman is hoping to get hired.

She has experience with in home support services.

She's looking for job in the healthcare field or in a warehouse.

"I always enjoy learning new things. I'm a passionate person and when I get a job I enjoy doing my job," says Perryman.

Valentina Maldonado was laid off from her social worker job she held 14 years.

She recently gained a bachelors degree in sociology from Cal State University Stanislaus.

She's looking for an administration job helping others.

"That's my expertise. My heart is to serving families and children or serving my community," says Maldonado.

So if you're still out of work, what's the secret to landing that next job? Well, really no secret at all.

"Looking for a job takes time. And you have to be persistent. You have to look everyday, fill out applications. You have to treat it like a job," says Solis.

It's that kind of persistence that job seekers like Anthony Smith hopes pays off.

"I have got great enthusiasm, great customer service and a lot to offer that person depending on the job."

San Joaquin County WorkNet offers free services, including the use of computers, resume building and interview skills, to anyone looking for a job.

They are located at 56 S. Lincoln Street in Downtown Stockton. You can call them at 209-468-3500.