Thousands of Northern California residents returned home Sunday after mandatory evacuations were lifted in some areas.

Christopher Thompson was able to go back to his home near Fairfield.

In Solano County, residents were able to return to areas near the Green Valley Highlands, Green Valley Country Club, Twin Sisters, Joyce Lane, and Suisun Valley Road.

Thompson took his documents, pictures, and his gerbil before staying with his boss for the week when the wildfires started.

In Calistoga, Ali Behzadpour and Brandon Degarda were one of the few restaurants open in the city.

People were able to go back home Sunday afternoon.

"I thought there would be a major traffic jam, but it was eerie at the same time," Behzadpour said.

They said a lot of their friends had to stay far away and still weren’t able to get back home on Sunday.

"Joyous and mixed emotions," Behzadpour said. "A lot of our friends lost their homes and people lost their lives. It's somber, yet celebratory in the same way."