The recent Winter storm has recently destroyed rodent habitats along the river causing an uptick in infestations in neighborhoods in Northern California.

Owner of Bell Pest Control, Dale Bell, says mice and rat can infest anywhere.

"Whether you're downtown, whether you're here in Elk Grove, whether you're out in the country, in apartments complexes. It doesn't matter,” said Bell. “The rats are going to come in."

Bell has been in the pest control business more than 40 years. He has several tips for homeowners to keep mice and rats away:

- Clean your gutters; Clogged gutters can become a water and food source for rodents

- Clear brush from your backyard; Vines and other brush attract snails which attract rodents.

- Clear your trash; Tires, lawn clippings, and home garbage will attract rodents.

- Seal off your home; A mouse can get through a dime size hole, a rat can fit through a quarter size hole