Marijuana edibles in the form of candy bars, cereal or other treats are being confiscated on Tracy High School campuses.

What was once unusual to administrators is now becoming more and more common place.

“It’s interesting. We’re seeing more of the packaged edibles which we didn’t see as much before last year," said Troy Brown, the Tracy Unified Director of Student Services and Curriculum.

Brown says with the passage of Prop 64 legalizing recreational marijuana in California, edibles are now showing up more with students.

“We’re surprised in the sense we are seeing kids coming with this pre-packaged chocolate bars, things like that. We don’t know where they are getting it, but it was kind of surprising to us, yes," said Brown.

So far the district has come across 10 cases of edibles since this past spring and that has raised the alarm. Students we spoke to were mixed in what they had to say.

One student said she was surprised edibles are showing up on campus, while another student told us it's not a trend at all but it's been around since he was in middle school.

“It’s easier to consume and hide. And it’s kind of taken hold of the juvenile population," said Lt. Trevin Freitas with the Tracy Police Department.

Freitas says with the legalization of marijuana, it's now treated as an infraction in the eyes of the law.

“So most of the discipline is either administrative through the schools if they are caught in that environment and most of the punishment tends to be more on counseling and rehabilitation," said Freitas.

What's even more concerning to the District are the high levels of THC or the main psychoactive ingredient in edibles. The schools are also getting tipped off by students themselves.

“A young person was either sick, maybe they ate too much of it. So as they got sick and they were in the office we started to talk to them and found out what was going on," said Troy Brown.

The district wants to get the issue out in the open. It has scheduled a series of seminars next month at high schools inviting parents and students.

The goal is education and prevention of edibles which are now becoming more prevalent than ever before.