TUALATIN, Ore. -- A Tualatin couple is being harassed and targeted for their last name, they say. Their last name is ‘Trump’ and it’s on both of their license plates.

“It just happens to be my last name,” said Brian Trump, who lives in Tualatin with his wife Kristin.

“Her license plate is very similar. It’s ‘KTRUMP’. It’s her first initial and the last name,” he continued.

Trump said most people will take one look at his license plate and think the person who owns the car is making a political statement. But he said that’s not the case. He’s had his plates for about nine years and never had a problem until recently.

“It finally came together when someone said ‘You’re not a Trump supporter are you?’ and I was like it’s my last name and then it clicked. So ever since then I’ve been kind of watching people’s reactions on the roads,” said Trump

On the road, he and his wife have been sneered at. People have yelled vulgar comments at them both.

“The worst that someone's done was the most recent when they started screaming obscenities at me and swerving their vehicle into my lane trying to run me off the road,” Trump recalled.

All that has him worried, especially about his wife.

“It's really scary that we've got people showing that kind of aggression with no provocation,” he said.

For lack of a better way to put it, he said people need to take a chill pill.

“I think it's a real bummer. We have a country where people are allowed to have opposing opinions,” said Trump.

“I just really want people to treat each other a little bit nicer and if you’ve got a problem with a political stance, that's not someone's fault for having the last name,” he continued.

If you're wondering who Brian Trump supports, he wouldn't say and to him it doesn’t matter. He said what’s important is that, politics aside, people just need to treat each other better.

In light of everything that's happening, he and his wife plan to put a sticker on their cars that say "It's my last name and I've got better hair."

The owner of a custom printing company in Portland, MotoGFX, has offered to print those stickers for the couple free of charge.