Just a few weeks ago, Isela Scroggins underwent a life-saving surgery to replace an ailing kidney. Then, something else happened without warning in the middle of the night.

“I heard a bunch of screaming and a bunch of people out my window," Isela Scroggins said.

Scroggins, her husband Ben and two young daughters were asleep in their Turlock home when just before 2 a.m. Sunday, a car came crashing into their home’s front porch.

“Neighbors are yelling, chasing people trying to flee from the vehicle. A guy was laying on the sidewalk," Ben Scroggins said.

The black Camaro had driven from 9th Street straight into their home, knocking down a portion of the porch, while smashing into two of the Scroggins’ own cars.

“They destroyed our house, totaled both vehicles," said Isela.

The force of the Camaro was so strong, it pushed back the concrete porch seven inches into the home. No one in the home was hurt. And, amazingly, only one person in the Camaro was treated for minor injuries.

The Scroggins, along with another neighbor, say this is the fourth serious crash on the block on busy Linwood Avenue.

“People constantly speeding through here," said Ben Scroggins.

So neighbors want the city to do something about it. We went Turlock City and talked with spokesperson Maryn Pitt. She says the city will do an analysis of traffic in the neighborhood and submit it to the engineering department within days.

“We’ll be out there as far as the accident report and all of that as they gather data as to what the circumstances were," said Maryn Pitt.

And if Isella looks familiar, you would be right. We profiled her in May, when her friend Rocio Valencia agreed to be a kidney donor to save Isella’s life.

The surgery happened and it was a big success.

“It’s life changing. I just feel I’m getting my life back," she said.

We called Turlock Police regarding charges the driver in the Camaro may face and more details regarding the crash. We have not heard back yet.