In the summer of 2016, Dominic and Donte Morris launched their app, 'HoopMaps.'

The idea from the app came from personal experience, when the two struggled to find consistent pickup basketball games to play in.

"Pick up games is a lifestyle," said Morris. "People use pickup for their sort of exercise."

Morris said people play all over including churches, middle schools, gyms, any open courts.

"One time, we had a gym we went to every Wednesday. For whatever reason, they closed down so we went to a different park," said Dominic Morris. "Literally 4 parks and either people were just leaving or it was empty and we thought this kind of sucks I wanna play right now."

Morris said their app started with mostly family and friends, under 100 downloads. Fast forward to earlier in 2017, they have more than 70,000 users on just IOS. They're also looking to launch on Androids.

Working with each other comes naturally to the two. As Morris put it, they've been roommates since they were "in the womb."

Morris said their end goal is to revolutionized the pickup culture, and include other sports such as tennis or soccer. They hope to encourage people to get outside and connect with others through sports.

The two will make their pitch to the sharks on Sunday, 11/5 on ABC at 10pm.