Ray Miller has lived in Modesto all his life.

And a 650 ton steam locomotive and tender car have been a big part of it.

“We’d go all through that and climb all over it," Miller said.

The two train cars and have sat at Modesto's Beard Brook Park since 1960.

But because the pair sit close to a PG&E pipeline, they are now on track to go.

“I remember as a young boy climbing around on it and marveling how big it is and how massive it is," Miller said.

“It is really a part of our community pipeline safety initiative to ensure safe and immediate access to our pipelines in the community," said PG&E spokesperson Brandi Merlo.

PG&E says the relocation process will take place in phases starting Sunday night and will include street closures.

It will take two days to complete.

Neighbors we spoke with say the park has fallen into disrepair.

Dried grass and the homeless have taken over.

“This train used to be in good condition. But a lot of people have taken parts off and scrapped it out. It’s just gone downhill," says Brad Simpson who has visited the park for many years.

"This used to be a beautiful playground. And, now it's just a weed patch," said Ray Miller.

But perhaps a positive start to turn the park around is a new dog park to built at the same spot by PG&E.

The trains will be moved to the Modesto Amtrak station and put it on display there.