Social media is unavoidable these days and as a parent it can be hard to keep up.

Jessica Torres has a policy for smartphones in her household.

"We made it a rule we're in charge of it they're not," Torres said.

But sometimes that conversation between parents and kids don't happen.

Thomas Dodson with Above the Fray, a program educating parents and teachers about online dangers among young people.

"Best case scenario these conversations in the house are happening before any electronic devices are introduced or he or she gets a phone," Dodson said. "When they get the phone, you're having conversations."

He said there are ways kids are getting their hands on phones and apps even if they don't even have a phone.

"You can text from a Game Boy," Dodson said. "There are ways you can work around. Kids are smarter than we'll ever be when it comes to technology. They'll find a way.

He also suggests to know your child's iTunes password to see what they are downloading.

The idea is not to be reactive but proactive.