Mayors of several Northern California cities are banding together with dozens of government leaders across the nation that are pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, despite the U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to depart from the Paris climate accords this week.

Over the past 12 years the City of West Sacramento has invested millions in reducing its carbon footprint by implementing renewable practices through out the city.

The city released a draft of its climate action plan in August 2010.

Long-time mayor Christopher Cabaldon says the city will continue to implementing those policies for both ethical and financial reasons.

He joins more than 80 U.S. mayors representing 40 million Americans that have agreed to adopt and honor the Paris Climate Agreement.

"We want the world to know despite what's happening with one guy in the White House and this administration, that the people of this country are still committed to solving this problem and doing it in cooperation with our partners and neighbors around the world," Cabaldon said.

West Sacramento has invested in solar arrays in public spaces like city hall and bus stops, installed electric car charging stations and encourages residents to bicycle through a new bike share program.

The United States under President Obama was a leader in developing the global climate agreement ratified by 195 nations.

Cabaldon says pulling out from agreement that is an "embarrassment" that will have financial consequences nation-wide.

Businesses may be less likely to invest resources in developing renewable energy sources if U.S. policy turns away from the idea. That could drive up the cost for cities and the private sector looking to implement renewable energy programs.

The mayor said the effects of climate change are drastically impacting the Sacramento region as a whole -- Which lies at the confluence of two major rivers and is considered one of the most flood prone regions in the nation.

Cabaldon says weather patterns effecting California such as extreme drought followed by record rainfall is becoming more frequent and more intense as a result of climate change. Flooding as a result, poses a major risk to West Sacramento.

Other California Mayors including Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkley and Palo Alto have also agreed to honor the Paris climate agreement.