It was a story that blew up on social media – a report of “passed gas” causing an evacuation of a flight headed to the Raleigh-Durham airport.

Countless jokes followed on Facebook and Twitter, as well as much discussion about what the passenger possibly could have eaten.

But American Airlines soon disputed the report of passed gas, so ABC10’s Verify team looked into the question.

First off, Raleigh-Durham airport spokesperson Andrew Sawyer said the plane was not evacuated, and the short flight from Charlotte to Raleigh deplaned normally.

American Airlines spokesperson Lakesha Brown says crew members were feeling off, prompting EMS to be called, but no one needed to be transported for further medical assistance. Wake County EMS spokesperson Jeffrey Hammerstein confirmed that no one was treated for serious illness.

While there were early reports that passed gas led to the crew members’ feeling ill, Brown says it was a mechanical issue with the plane that caused the odor. She declined to go into detail about what the mechanical issue was.

The answer to this Verify question is false – passed gas did not cause a plane to evacuate on Sunday in North Carolina. It was a funny headline, but ultimately just a lot of hot air in this story.