Questions continue to surround the concept of virtual reality exercise, and, more specifically, whether it's just a fad or another way to get in shape.

In today’s world, there are so many options for us to get fit, such as rock climbing, swimming, running and so much more.

A new fitness center, FitCade, at Westfield Galleria in Roseville, is trying to offer something different.

ABC10 went to look at the new spot located on the second-floor to try out boxing and a soccer game.

The entire experience is different and confusing if you're new to virtual reality. However, we did burn a sweat.

On the negative side, the experience is so immersive that you forget that you're in a mall with people watching you.

We felt most of the burn around our arms and legs but not enough to give up on the gym completely.

Christopher Granger, who owns Fitcade, started this for people who are like him who love games and don't want to be bored with the "typical" workout.

"We figured if we could play our games and get a workout from it we'd be super fit," Granger said.

If you wanted to bring similar system home, Granger estimates the equipment to be $3,000 per 10-by-10 station.

FitCade is currently at the mall and while Granger had geared this to like-minded adults, there are plenty of kids we saw who joined and were interested in more of the virtual reality aspect.

'We just walked by here last weekend and there was someone who was doing a virtual and my son was intrigued," said Ramona Hernandez, a local parent.

"I originally came here and wanted to do the VR (virtual reality) and then I found out it was a FitCade, an arcade that gets you fit, and I like that," said Gregory Pequeen, a participant.