Volunteers are helping disabled veterans cross the finish line of the Spartan Race in Sacramento.

Alejandro Jauregui is a double amputee. He was in the Army for 11 years. He'll be with a team of 20 disabled veterans in the Spartan Race in a few weeks.

"We're gonna overcome a bunch of obstacles together," Jauregui said. "We've already done it in the military and we miss out on that stuff. That's the brotherhood we speak about. When we finish this everyone's gonna feel a sense of accomplishment."

Mikhail Venikov started Ranger Road. It's a nonprofit organization to help veterans transition into society through sports and outdoor activities.

"Some of the veterans are paralyzed, some vets are amputees, and some are in wheelchairs," Venikov said. "A lot of people think the Spartan Race is hard and it is but what we're gonna be doing for this race is assigning three, four, maybe five able bodies whether you're a veteran or not a veteran to each disabled veteran to be able to assist disabled veteran to complete the task which is a Spartan Race."

Venikov is also a veteran.

"When I came out of the military I didn't realize what fitness did for me until I finally sat back," Venikov said. "If you sit back on your butt and you don't do anything you're gonna feel sorry for yourself, you're not gonna be able to motivate yourself and maybe educate yourself."

Jauregui has never stopped no matter how hard it got.

"Everything is harder," Jauregui said. "Just cause it's hard it doesn't mean it's impossible."

The Spartan Race will be held at Van Vleck Ranch in Sacramento.

They're in need of more volunteers to help the veterans finish the race.