Congrats to Ryan Miller! You're the winner! Thank you to all the families who participated, you're all stars!

Appel Family: Hi, we're the Appel Family. Ally is 13 and a seventh grader at Springview Middle School. Ashley is 11 and in 5th grade at Antelope Creek Elementary. We have lived in Rocklin for 10 years along with Jeremy (Dad), Abby (2 year old sister) and Andrew (baby brother). We love this community! Ally was the brains behind our parody song. She loves to write, play soccer, and have fun with her friends. Ashley is currently performing in her first musical, she loves singing and dancing, and is in her 6th year of Girl Scouts. We went to Yellowstone National Park last summer for a family vacation and went zip lining for the first time. Our trip was cut short due to lightning strikes and we were so bummed. We cannot wait to zip line, climb, and enjoy outdoor fun with our family and friends at Rocklin Quarry Park!

Coca Sisters: Hi, my name is Kitty and I'm in the 2nd grade and I have lived in Roseville all my life. I love most sports and am currently playing soccer, baseball and wrestle. I have two older sisters and I think I'm more excited then they are about the new zip lines coming to our new park.

Hello, my name is Katalynna, I'm 9 years old. I am in the 4th grade and have lived in Roseville all my life. I play competitive soccer and love the sport. I am very excited to ride the new zip lines at our new park. My name is Kailey and I'm 10 years old, almost 11. I'm in the 5th grade and I enjoy riding horses. I play fast pitch softball. I have lived in Roseville, CA all my life. I am very excited for the new zip lines coming to our new park!

Ella Bernasconi: I”m Ella Bernasconi and I am an optimist. I love finding the good in others. I love to sing and dance and be social. I have lived in Placer County my whole life, which is 10.5 years to be exact. I’m in the fifth grade, have a twin brother named Nick and a dog named Coco.

Gimroth Sisters: Hi, I’m Emilie. I’m 12 years old and I’m in the 7th grade. I have lived in Rocklin for 2 years. I like rollerblading and hanging out with my best friend. I am excited for the Adventure Park because it’s a good place to explore, run around, and hang out with my family and friends.

Hello, my name is Isabella. I’m nine. I’m in the fourth grade. I have a little brother, Sam and a big sister Emilie. I like taekwondo, riding my bike and skateboard and playing games with my family. My family and I have lived in Rocklin for two years. I think that the park would be a really awesome place to gather with friends and family. We could be more active and make awesome memories together.

Jude Houser: My name is Jude Houser, I am 8 years old. I have been doing live theater since I was 3 and I love acting. My other hobbies include rock climbing, swimming and singing Karaoke. I'm most excited about the zip line opening up at Quarry Park! I love being adventurous! Thanks everyone, Jude.

Landon Estes: My name is Landon Estes. I am five years old and I go to kindergarten at Sunset Ranch Elementary School. I love sports, exploring the outdoors and spending time with my family. I’m very excited about Quarry Park opening, especially the zip line and the Kid Zone. I can't wait to Zip, Soar, Climb & Explore!

Ryan Miller: My name is Ryan Miller, I am an 8th grader at Granite Oaks Middle School. I love to cook, make YouTube videos with my friends, and play soccer for Rocklin FC, baseball for Rocklin Little League and more. And of course, I love to act in anything from plays to films! I am 13 years old, was born and raised in Rocklin and have lived here my whole life. I am really enthusiastic for Quarry Park Adventures, it’s a great way to stay active, sounds really fun to explore, and will be another awesome place for birthday parties or just hanging out with my friends!

Savannah Jones: Hi my name is Savannah Jones. I am 7 years old and in 2nd grade. I have lived in Roseville my whole life! I love to dance & act ! I am currently on a dance team and love participating in my church plays. I am beyond exited for quarry park to open, I will enjoy the amazing park and zip lining with my two brothers! Vote for me !!!!

Sloan Family: Grace is 11 years old and in 6th grade. She loves gymnastics, surfing, and zip-lining. Ava is 9 years old and is in 4th grade. She loves gymnastics, acting, and diving. We have lived in Rocklin for over 10 years and love it! It's such an awesome community that really welcomes everyone. We are super excited for Quarry Park to open because it's just a great place for the community to gather and have fun outdoors together. It's an awesome addition to Rocklin as there isn't anything like it close by. We're most excited to try out the zip line! Our family can't wait!

Surface Family: Hi, we’re the Surface Family, Deane, Karen, Dakota (13), Avery (9), Taylor (6), and Grayson (3). We have been Roseville residents for over 20 years. Our family is a fun outgoing family who loves to spend time together doing anything we can. We love sports and our kids and family compete in swimming, running and basketball. Our kids are so excited about the new Quarry Park, and cannot wait to zip line and rock climb! Having kids ranging from Junior High down to 3 years old, we are most excited about Quarry Park being a place for the whole family with activities for us all!