The deadline to register to vote is Monday Oct. 24, in California and we quizzed people on the most talked about ballot measures.

I went through ABC 10's Facebook page to take a look at some of the more talked about propositions and asked people outside the Capitol to match them with the corresponding number and topic.

Out of the 17 ballot measures, the four top topics were marijuana legislation, plastic ban veto referendum, tobacco taxes, and the death penalty.

Kristin Cleaver, a Sacramento resident, got one right, which was the majority.

Some knew they didn't know any of the numbers and walked away from me.

Karen Ho read up on all 17 ballot measures and got them right.

A majority of people said they didn't know about the numbers, but rather the issues.

"Tobacco tax increasing the tax on cigarettes," said Ho.

After the quiz, I asked each person which ones they would say "no or yes" to and why.

"I think smoking marijuana is like drinking a glass of wine," Cleaver said. "It's not harmful in anyway."

"Cigarette tax I said yes," said Scott Wood, California voter. "It might stop people from smoking."

Some people didn't know about all the topics so I let them read up on them on my iPad. Hopefully many of them will read up on the 17 ballot measures or maybe learned something from my lesson before they go out and vote.