A West Sacramento woman is looking for the owners of an old photo album that spans decades of what seems to be a woman's life back in Russia.

Kristen Ayers found the photo album on the street Friday night while on her way to dinner with a friend.

"It was weird!" Ayers said. "My friend and I were driving to dinner and we turned the corner out here the pages were scattered in front of the street."

There more more than 40 black and white photos. According to dates behind one of the photos, the most recent picture was taken sometime in 2001.

Ayers believes the woman might have been a teacher later on maybe in America. There are photos of the woman of what looks like a class picture.

There is writing on the back of the photos in Russian. The photo album has photos of a woman and man growing up and what looks like them getting married.

We went to a Russian Baptist Church in West Sacramento searching for the woman or the people in the photos.

A pastor translated the writing behind the photos and was able to determine the woman's name is Irina. From a statue in one of the wedding photos, he was able to determine she got married in St. Petersburg.