Goats are helping fight fires in West Sacramento.

No, really, 300 of them are.

The goats are currently chomping down vegetation and clearing space at the Barge Canal recreation trail as part of West Sacramento Fire Department’s fire suppression strategy.

The recent rain followed by the sunny weather has helped the vegetation rapidly grow in several West Sacramento locations, fire officials said, providing the goats with ample opportunity to chow down.

The fire department is working with Parks and Grounds of West Sacramento Superintendent Sam Cooney along with the goats’ herder from Blue Tent Farms.

So far, the goats have already cleared about 5 acres near the Sacramento River’s Broderick Boat Ramp, and are currently working on the 6-acre area at Barge Canal.

They’re slated to head to the Sycamore Trail later this week once they’re finished at Barge Canal, officials said.

Bon appétit, goats.