A West Sacramento girl is showing that we can make a difference no matter how old we are.

10-year-old Leah Nelson started making bracelets four months ago, now she's expanded her campaign to taking care of police officers, firefighters and families in need. Many of her friends are joining in, spreading the word and she is teaching them to give back.

"Yeah it's important to me because not only are they learning to be kind, they are really young, they can take it through their lives rather than changing how they act," Leah said.

The fifth grader and her two best friends bond over the bracelets, warriors for kindness 'becuz they care.'

"You know there are a lot of people that don't have a family or food you know that right? " 10-year-old Taylor Castaneda told us.

With a heavy burden on their hearts Tayor Castaneda and Saloman Rodriguez told us they decided to join their buddy Leah and spread kindness.

"Once Leah started "Becuz I Care" I started to care more about being kind, giving people stuff, that they want or something, just giving," Rodriguez said.

Leah talks and acts like she is 50, but this 10-year-old really knows what is important.

"People don't treat people the way they are supposed to be treated, it kinda just motivated me to make the world a better place to live in," Leah said.

Her father Charles Nelson said his daughters deep love for people is moving people all over the world to follow Leah's message.

"Its been insane, I don't even think she fathoms how big this is," Charles said.

Daily Mail, an online site from the UK recently shared a video of Leah that was liked over 40 million times.

"She has had 80 million shares in 2016 with all of her videos," Charles added.

It happened in a span of four months and keeps going. For the holidays, Nelson has these tips on how to give back:

Thanksgiving Dinner: Leah would like to deliver Thanksgiving Desserts to as many police and fire stations as possible since many first responders have to work for the holiday season. We will also do other random acts of kindness the weekend prior to Thanksgiving.

Christmas: Adopt a family program: We all know the holiday season can get stressful. As parents you want to give your kids the entire "Christmas Experience," a tree, dinner, and gift. For many families this simply isn't possible. We are working with a local non-profit, Roberts Family Development Center to fully adopt 10 or more families (depending on donations) for Christmas. Our goal is a tree, gift card for groceries, and a gift for each member of the adopted family. We will of course also provide each member of the family with a bracelet.

The Nelson family said as Leah's message continues to spread she is staying grounded. They said she is only working on her campaign on the weekends. Recently she was asked to make bracelets for the American Music Awards and also made them for the Emmy Awards in September. Since she went viral Leah has been asked to speak at different law enforcement agencies and classrooms across the country.

"Everyone could give back it doesn't just have to be the holidays or giving money it could be just holding the door for someone," Leah said.

If you would like to get involved you can visit Facebook or GoFundMe.