An open house providing information about the Broadway Bridge Project happened at Arthur Benjamin High School on July 27.

The two to four lane bridge would be “neighborhood friendly” and connect the cities of Sacramento and West Sacramento.

About $3 million in federal grants and local matches has already been approved to push through engineering and environmental feasibility studies.

The public meeting is meant to provide more information to the public about the project and allow questions to be asked and answered.

West Sacramento’s long-time Mayor Chrisopher Cabaldon said the new bridge will activate the Broadway corridor for the two cities and help alleviate traffic.

The bridge which would accommodate pedestrians, vehicles, the future street car, and river traffic below. It could cost an estimated $300 million or more, Cabaldon said.

More information will be known as the project progresses. The project isn't expected to be completed until 2025 to 2030.