West Sacramento residents could see higher utility rates as early as next month.

The West Sacramento City Council is scheduled to hold a public hearing at their meeting Wednesday over proposed increases to water, sewer and trash collection rates.

Residents using flat-rate water could see a spike of at least $8.32 a month, while those on metered water would see a $13.74 monthly increase. And the increases would also go up incrementally through July 2021.

According to the agenda item, the city hasn't adjusted these rates since 2011.

So what does this mean for rents?

Cory Koehler, senior deputy director of government affairs at the Rental Housing Association of Sacramento Valley, said West Sacramento's proposed increase is modest. And they're not alone.

"Those are going to be reflected in the rents, it's not just isolated to West Sacramento," Koehler said. "It's almost in the entire Sacramento Valley region."

If approved, the new utility rates would take effect July 1.