It was a night full of tears and emotions at Westmore Oaks Elementary School in West Sacramento.

On Tuesday night, the community of West Sacramento gathered together at the school to remember Sara and Sophia Rouin. Sara was 9-years-old. Sophia was 12-years-old.

The two sisters were allegedly killed by their own father in a murder-suicide, according to West Sacramento Police.

The school's principal Stacey Falconer shared heartfelt words and beautiful memories of the girls. She called them "two of the sweetest souls you could ever meet."

Sara, she said, although only a fourth grader, had a maturity and confidence that adults would want. She was known to be a friend to all, always included anyone who was alone, and stood up to bullies.

"Recently, she willingly placed herself in the middle of a group of angry fifth grade girls, ready to [fight]," said Falconer. "[Sara] convinced all of them to stand down...we will miss Sara."

Falconer described Sophia as an intelligent and passionate seventh grader, who had a huge heart for helping others.

"[Sophia] was helping to build two solar suitcases, sent to a school in Kenya to provide electricity, so their students too can pursue an education," said Falconer. "She gives 100% to every endeavor. That's who she was. Friendly and kind. We will miss Sophia."

A sign students made for the vigil put it best: "Goodbyes hurt the most when the story wasn't finished."

For this West Sacramento community, the only thing that takes away some of the hurt is remembering the love they felt from Sara and Sophia.

"Our girls will never be forgotten," said Falconer. "They left impression on those who were blessed to have known them."