Veterans feel disrespected after POW, MIA and American flags were stolen from the West Sacramento Veterans of Foreign Wars post Tuesday night. It's the third time the flags have been stolen since August.

"It was the strangest thing of all we got here and the flags were gone," said Jesse Orta, veteran.

He says it's heartbreaking and other veterans at the post feel the same way.

Gordon Grewe served in the Marine Corps and now spends most of his time volunteering on special days like Veterans Day.

He says whoever stole the flags wasn't educated on what the flags represent.

"They have no respect for the American flag and what it means and the veterans of this post," Grewe said.

Veterans consider the flags expensive running about $70 each. Once they finish fundraising to buy the flags, they're going to make modifications to make sure no one steals them again.

The flags will likely be replaced soon just like when they were stolen the first and second times however veterans feel a bitter taste knowing this happened during the week of Veterans Day.