Confederate statues and other monuments are being brought down across the United States following violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, just days ago.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump tweeted that it’s "sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart" with the removal of Confederate statues and monuments around the country.

There are polarizing opinions for and against the removal of these statues. One point being made is that the nation will lose its history.

So, ABC10 News went to San Juan High School to speak with a history teacher, Amir Taheri, about what he teaches in his classes.

Taheri also teaches economics and U.S. Government, all of which have bring in American history. He describes it as teaching students where we came from, to understand where we’re at.

The curriculums today focuses on how and why the war was important in U.S. history. Instead of focusing on specific battles and actors in the war -- Taheri said the curriculum focuses on supreme court rulings, economic consequences, state rights, and federal rights.

He said he’ll likely need to spend a few more days on the subject given the questions students may have regarding current events.

Teheri said on the issue of the statues that were mostly put up in the 1890’s and later, many were meant to dampen the severity of the civil war and pay memorialize confederate generals.

“To brush over the real history of the civil war,” Teheri said. “In education, you hear that the civil war is not only about slavery. And that’s partly true, but that’s also false.”

He said education also teaches students that the issues of states rights and economy which led to the war, were all centered around the bigger issue of slavery.