Recent comments by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump about what is and what isn't considered "locker room talk" have sparked a debate.

Last week, a video of Donald Trump from 2005 making predatory and sexual comments about women were brushed off as 'locker room talk' by the candidate.

Players and coaches at Sacramento City College said this is nothing close to what is discussed in their locker rooms.

Dannie Walker, Head Football Coach at Sacramento City College, said you tend to find your leaders and hold them responsible for being able to control the locker room.

"You have a great locker room presence in terms of attitude and the ability be respected, those young men and women can take control and enforce a locker room,” Walker said.

Team captain said Joshua Johnson said you don't want to cross that line. Things can get fun, but as soon it gets disrespectful, someone has to step in.

"You just got to keep players in check making sure they don’t over step their boundaries of how the locker room is supposed to be,” Johnson said.