Margie Bruno of Lodi says she started drinking cannabis oil to rid herself of Stage 3 Cancer.

“Went to the dispensary out in Stockton and in four months I was cured," said Bruno.

That was three years ago and now her sister, Doris, who's suffering from terminal cancer says the oil has shrunk her tumors, giving her hope.

“When she put me on cannabis. It changed. The whole thing," said Cruz.

While both women are not surprisingly in favor of the county lifting its ban on marijuana grows, San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors Chairman Chuck Winn voted against it.

“We’ll make the best of it. We’ll work with what we have and see if we can reduce the potential after effects we were talking about yesterday," said Winn.

That includes the possibility for the increase of crime, increased need for man power to protect the pot grows and just how the county will oversee the new industry.

“Either a department or maybe individuals within an existing department whether it be our community development, our sheriffs department, environmental health," said Winn.

One big question is where will the marijuana be grown?

One idea floated by supervisors is keeping the grows all indoors in an industrial area.

"I think the belief was if you put it inside, the security is easier to manage," said Winn.

Then there is the question of the number of licenses.

If the county approved more than the 200 people interestedthen that would equal a potential tax revenue totaling $26 million.

“I have no idea. It could be anywhere from one to ten, who knows, to 100. I doubt it’s going to go that high," Winn said.

Legally, the ban is still in place. However, county attorneys will come back in November with a crafted ordinance outlining the rules they believe will work.

It will then be up to the Board of Supervisors, again, to weigh the rules and vote once more, to officially approve or not approve the ordinance.

For sisters Doris and Margie, who have fought cancer, its their belief the benefits outweigh the unknowns.

“We should have the choice knowing what it does. They can’t take that from us. We know what medical marijuana does," said Bruno.

If the ordinance is approved in November, the ban will officially be lifted on January 1, 2018.