Negotiations between the Calaveras Unified School District and the Calaveras Unified Educators’ Association were expected to go into Monday night.

Approximately 138 teachers have been on strike since Thursday, cancelling middle and high school classes across the district. The district's elementary schools were open Monday though, as the district had enough substitute staff.

However, the middle and high schools remained closed Monday.

"We're getting closer," said Calaveras Unified Educators’ Association President Lorraine Angel.

Among the issues: Teachers want a 6.5 percent pay raise, while the district's last formal written offer was 2 percent, according to district superintendent Mark Campbell.

If and when teachers return to school, making up the lost days could be another potential issue.

"We have to look at all options," said Campbell. "Making the days up later is the most likely scenario, could be an extended year, could be made up during winter or spring break."