For pet owners, it’s no secret that animals are easily spooked by fireworks. That sound can often cause pets, particularly dogs, to run away out of fear.

Because of that, the day after the Fourth of July holiday, July 5, is typically the busiest day of the year for animal shelters.

Sacramento’s Animal Control saw a notable uptick in calls this past holiday weekend.

By Fourth of July evening, animal control saw roughly 100 more stray dogs than the same weekend in June.

“Looking back at the first four days of April, we had brought in about 112 animals,” Jace Huggins, Chief Animal Control Officer, said. “And, so far, the Fourth isn’t even over yet and we’ve brought in 209 animals.”

That number is only expected to rise following the string of firework shows that went off Tuesday night.

To respond to the number of calls, animal control had officers working through the holiday weekend. And then it’s all hands on deck Wednesday.

“It’s a blackout day for us…July 5 everybody’s here,” Huggins explained. “It’s by far our craziest day.”

ABC10 rode along with one officer who responded to a call of a stray dog in South Sacramento.

We pulled up to the house that made the call. The family was outside celebrating the Fourth of July. They said they called animal control after a dog, a Border Collie, wandered into their party. They were able to get the dog on a leash, but it did not want to be approached.

The officer said the dog was likely not aggressive, rather just scared.

“It’s what I think we’re going to expect a lot of tonight and probably tomorrow,” Officer Jones said. “I think that he just got loose from his house and is very scared.”

Animals that do not have a tag or microchip are taken to the Front Street Animal Shelter where they can be picked up by an owner. If they are not reunited with their family after 72 hours, they go through an assessment and are potentially then put up for adoption.

If you lose or find a pet, call 311 or visit the Front Street Animal website. You can also check the neighborhood app, NextDoor, which has created a database for lost pets. And Facebook has several groups in the Sacramento area aimed at helping people get reunited with their animals.