Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year and despite online retailers, millions of Americans rush to the stores every day after Thanksgiving.

The parking lots were full and thousands went in and out of stores at the Natomas Marketplace, a shopping large shopping center with several big box retailers in Sacramento’s Natomas neighborhood.

With the exception of a few limited door busters, many retailers were offering the same deals online as in the store, allowing folks to shop from their couch.

ABC10 News asked shoppers why they were choosing to shop in stores instead of online. Some reasons were to see the product in person, try things on, to get out of the house, and for fun.

Pardeep Banga of Sacramento was driving his wife from store to store looking at deals. He said he used to wait in lines when his children were younger, but now buys mostly everything online.

“An old habit people have that they feel that this is the only day that they can buy things,” Banga said.