An Army veteran from Woodland, California who was injured during service in the Middle East has started a beekeeping business.

Alex Jauregui, 32, lost both of his legs after being hit by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) while serving in Afghanistan in 2012.

He said his job options were limited after he returned home from 42 months in combat, including two tours in Iraq and two tours in Afghanistan.

"I've been in a lot of IED's before so knew it was me right away because I knew I wasn't on my feet," said Jauregui.

In 2015, a non-profit called Homes for Our Troops built a handicap accessible home for the veteran and his family.

Jauregui was limited on the work he could because of his disability, but he was approached by his brother-in-law about a year ago to consider bee keeping.

Under the name Fury Bees, he started with 70 hives and has since grown to more than 300. The bees are rented out to local farmers for their pollination services.

The line of work suits the Veteran who has constant doctor's appointments and would struggle with a traditional job. It also gives him more times to spend with his wife and three young children.