Workers and residents at the Veterans Home of California Yountville got quite the scare Thursday.

Staff told ABC10 fire came within one mile of the home where more than 800 people reside. We were told workers and residents are "sheltering in place."

"We are recognizing that currently staying at this location is probably the safest bet for us," June Iljana, with the California Department of Veterans Affairs, said. "We are making sure that our residents have everything that they need including food and water and communication, and we are providing air scrubbers to improve the air quality."

Iljana is discouraging family members from coming out to Veterans Home of California Yountville because they need to keep the roads clear for emergency crews.

"That side of the valley is very thick fuels," said fire officials. "There is no fire history in there, and it's definitely causing a lot of challenges."

Concerned family members are being directed to the following website: