A Yuba City man prays he will not be deported after he was detained by ICE during his routine check-in.

Baljit "Bali" Singh was released from Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center after being held by ICE since August 1.

Singh is back home with his wife Kate and two sons Arjun and Sammy.

"We're just a traditional little family, he works, I am a homemaker," said Kate.

Married for six-years, Kate home-schools the boys and Bali works at local gas stations.

"Just a wholesome old fashioned family," she added.

Bali is from India and 12 years ago immigrated through Mexico without documents. Since 2013, he has checked in with ICE routinely and August 1 was the first time he was detained.

"There was a message on the phone that they had taken him and he was crying," said Kate.

Now he is forced to wear an ankle monitoring device and the family has three months to figure out what to do.

"They said oh don't worry everybody they are just taking criminals now" said Kate.

Bali chimed in, "That's not true."

"Yeah that is not the truth they are taking everyone now," Kate added.

Bali does not have a record. When he first immigrated he applied from religious asylum but was denied several times and the couple has paid thousands in attorney fees.

"We have appealed and appealed", said Kate.

"While taking care of family and stuff," said Bali.

"Created a life, and had hope we could get things fixed," Kate added.

The Singh's attorney is Elias Shamieh of San Fransisco. Shamieh told ABC10 that they are applying for a waiver which could take up to a year and if the waiver is denied it could take up to a decade for Bali to return to the U.S.

"This is not the solution, this has to be taken case by case it is not black or white," said Kate.

We reached out to ICE multiple times for comment on Singh's case and have not heard back. But in a statement to the Sacramento Bee ICE said in part:

'ICE enforcement and removal operations officers identify, arrest and remove aliens who present a danger to national security......as well as those who enter the united states illegally...'