Thousands joined together in neighborhoods across Northern California for National Night Out, promoting community safety and relationships with law enforcement.

In the wake of Tuesday's shooting of two Yuba County sheriff's deputies, National Night Out events in nearby Yuba City took on a different tone.

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Yuba City Police Sgt. Dennis Hauck was ready for Tuesday evening's fun National Night Out events, after a difficult day. In his 25 years of local law enforcement, Hauck said he'd never seen anything quite like he saw Tuesday.

When the call came across the radio that two deputies in the neighboring county had been shot, Yuba City police rushed to help.

"We ended up calling in about 50 percent of our department to come in and help out Yuba County," Hauck said. "A lot of our SWAT team members responded. We helped out with covering the streets of Yuba County for their patrol."

He said his department is thankful that the Yuba County deputies are expected to recover - and thankful for the Yuba City community.

"It's been a go-go-go, 100-miles-an-hour day, and this was really nice to get out and playing with the kids and interacting with public and just winding down," Hauck said.

Several hundred people came through this Yuba City National Night Out event at 420 Miles Avenue, one of five in the area hosted by the Regional Housing Authority.

Kids played with officers and fire fighters, who handed out stickers.

"This is a positive end to the day that we've had locally," Hauck said.

Aurora Salomon helped organize this particular NNO event. She works for Regional Housing Authority and is pursuing a career in criminal justice.

"I definitely want to be out there and, you know, promote the good in the community," she said.

She called Tuesday's shootings heartbreaking and said all law enforcement officers risk their lives to keep communities safe.

"They're someone's father, sisters, brothers, uncles, and at the end of the day, they're the ones that we call for help," Salomon said.

That's a message Hauck hopes rings loud and clear.

"Don't ever feel like you can't call the police department because we truly are here to serve the community," he said.

On this evening, he got a taste of that community's gratitude.