Yuba city woman becomes first female sikh mayor in the country.

Preet Didbal is currently the vice mayor of Yuba City and will be sworn in as mayor on Tuesday, December 5.

She has a long list of accomplishments including being the first person to attend college in her family.

"I'm a single mom and for my daughter it's to show her and be an example and let her embark on her own journey but let her know the sky is the limit," Didbal said.

Didbal was born and raised in Yuba City. Her parents immigrated from India to Yuba City in 1968.

As a child her passion was running. It's a hobby she enjoys today.

She started a running group for young girls in the community to build friendships and confidence.

"This is a great place to raise kids as a single mom," Didbal said. "I raised my daughter here. It's a quaint yet a city at the same time."

Her father was the one who encouraged her to be a leader. He passed away a few years ago.

"His response was always why not you and my questions back to him were they don't know me and his response was make them know you," Didbal said.

She said she wants to encourage young women to be brave and confident.

"Reach for the stars," Didbal said. "Don't sit back and think I can't do this or not me, because it can be you."