It's pumpkin carving season! But keeping your creation intact can sometimes be difficult due to the weather.

So if you plan on carving a pumpkin to celebrate the season you'll need to know these tips from Schnepf Farms to make them last longer so it doesn't shrivel up too quickly.

1. Put Vaseline petroleum jelly on all of the cut edges of the pumpkin. This will keep the pumpkin hydrated and moisture inside which will make the pumpkin last longer.

2. Another way to pro-long the pumpkin's life is to soak it in ice water over night and then every day for 15 minutes to keep it hydrated.

Of course, you can avoid a pumpkin shriveling up quickly if you choose not carve it. You can instead paint different designs on them which makes them last longer, especially if you keep them inside. Plus painting is probably easier than carving elaborate designs!

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