Despite 41 homes being destroyed in the Wall Fire, many were saved.

Officials have not authorized those home owners to return to their residences but one man named Scott Peterson was able to return. Peterson lives off of Old Olive Highway in Oroville.

When ABC10's Anne Di Grazia walked up to Peterson, he was laughing and overjoyed.

"Cal Fire, they are angels sent from heaven," Peterson said.

Some of Peterson's neighbors were not as fortunate. His home was saved but other lots were just filled with ash and soot.

"My heart bleeds for them, my heart goes out to them. Everything is so numbing, when I saw everything from one end of the road to the other it is just mind numbing," Peterson said.

Over the last three days, Peterson said he was afraid and unsure if his home was standing.

"We were sitting over there watching the flames, from the ridge on the other side, as soon as they came down, it was a wall of fire, fire tornado, fire rushing in," Peterson said. "With the wall of fire and as bad as it was, we wished for the best but expected the worst."

Peterson believes his home was saved because he prepared for the worst, cutting back any grass and overgrown trees.