A member of a Modesto band has died after a massive stroke.

Kevin Garcia of the band Grandaddy was 41 years old. 

On Grandaddy's Facebook page, a post states that Garcia succumbed to the effects of a massive stroke. It went on to say that he was able to say goodbye to his band mates and was surrounded by his closest friends and family in Modesto.

Garcia started playing with Grandaddy and co-founded the band when he was 15. 

"Regardless of his band or any notability, he would've had a similar life even if he never been in the band," said Aaron Burtch a member of Grandaddy. "He would've just been this person everyone wanted to be around."

The loss has also impacted people outside those who knew him.
Thousands flooded the band's Facebook page sending their condolences and we also spoke with an aspiring musician in Modesto about the impact the band has had on his life.
"That's kind of the dream like that's what you aspire to as an artist and get your art out there," said Caleb Hulin, Modesto resident and musician.

Garcia had two children, Jayden and Gavin, and is survived by his grandmother, parents, brothers, and wife. 

"We were very lucky to get to be part of his life," said Mike Hart, Garcia's friend.

The band just released a new album and had tour dates planned all around the world. 

According to some event pages for future concerts, the band has canceled all US tour dates and plans to reschedule them at some point in the future.