A little monkey business at Denver International Airport made for a adventurous layover at the airport.

The Denver Zoo sprang into action Wednesday evening to help two Kikuyu Colobus monkeys, named Asante and Raksha. The pair missed their connecting flight in Denver.

They were traveling from the LA Zoo to their new home at the Dickerson Park Zoo, in Missouri.

A curator at LA Zoo called Hollie Colahan, the Denver Zoo's VP of Animal Care, to let her know that the two monkeys had missed their flight.

Denver Zoo staff traveled to DIA to make sure the monkey's were comfortable during their layover.

The delay only lasted for a few hours. When the monkeys flight took off around 8 p.m. - they were both happy and fed.

Colohan says delays like this happen occasionally, as the Denver airport is a busy place.

She says if Asante and Raksha, or another zoo's animals, needed to stay overnight at the Denver Zoo, they would accommodate that.