Graduation is a special time for any family as parents see their child ready to go out in the world.

One Sac State graduate is preparing for the next step alongside her mom and they're graduating together.

ABC10's Anne Di Grazia met up with the mother-daughter duo on campus before their big day. The two walked to the interview arm in arm.

"When we're walking together, we link up," Miranda said. "It's the only way to stay together, she tends to wander."

The inseparable pair, Michelle and Miranda O'Connor, will both be graduating on Saturday at the Golden 1 Center with honors.

"We have just always been a team, everything we do together," Michelle said.

While most would think it would be uncool to go to college with a parent, Miranda said she would highly recommend it.

"I was really paranoid at first because I didn't want her to be that kid who is always on campus with their mom," Michelle said.

Miranda is an English major and said her mom's reservations were far from the truth. She said she talks about her social work major mommy any chance she gets on and off campus.

"I find ways to throw it in to conversation. She is awesome and I just find ways to talk about her," she added.

The 22-year-old said she appreciates the sacrifice her single mom made, putting her own education on hold.

"Raising her and her going to school and making sure she was the best that she could be, that was my priority," Michelle said.

And while many college students might party in frat houses, these two were having weekly coffee dates and studying together. They like to compare themselves to the popular show Gilmore Girls, after all they are the Hornet version of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. Both women decorated their graduation caps themed after the show.

"In one episode Rory says you jump, I jump jack. I wrote 'you jump, I jump mom,' because she goes first, it's perfect," Miranda explained.

Both ladies tried on their grad gowns and caps, ready from head to toe to walk across the stage on Saturday. The University President Dr. Robert S. Nelsen has included their story in his commencement speech.