Brody Stephens got the experience of a lifetime less than a month before he died over a viral complication related to leukemia -- he went to a Golden State Warriors game and met his hero, Stephen Curry.

Now, Curry is dedicating the rest of the Warriors' playoff run to Brody and his family.

“I’m glad I got to meet him, spend some time with him and hopefully bring a little bit of joy to him and his family the past few months,” Curry told SFGate Monday. “We’re going to try to find a way to dedicate these playoffs to Brody and his family. We know how much the Warriors meant to them."

Curry and his teammate Kevin Durant have been seen wearing the orange "BrodyStrong" bracelets that raised money for Brody.



“Obviously, I’ve got my ‘Brody Strong’ bracelet on,” Curry said. “I’ll keep wearing it. This is a kid who dealt with a lot, had a lot of strength, and we can all learn from that.”