Free Jack Worth? 

One student at Emerson College decided to list his dorm room on Airbnb in January so folks could explore Boston and perhaps take in sights like Fenway Park or the Museum of Fine Arts. 

Now, he could face disciplinary action from the school, according to the Boston Globe

Worth told the Globe that Emerson saw the listing last week and told him to remove it. After the page was deleted, Worth told the news organization that he was fined $150 by Airbnb. 

So, why did he list his dorm? "There's a high level of interest of travel in this neighborhood because it's so centrally located. I saw this as a way to make some money, but also help some people out," Worth told the news organization. 

A petition now has 278 supporters of Worth as of Tuesday. The petition said that the school "is levying several charges of misconduct against him, which could result in disciplinary action as extreme as his dismissal."

Although Emerson would not comment directly on Worth's case, the College said in a statement to that the residence hall "policy and the housing contract that undergraduate residents sign prohibit students from subleasing or renting College housing units or beds to protect residents and the community from exposure to safety and security risks."

One student, Ari Howorth, wrote on the petition page that "there is nothing criminal with providing cheap housing to travelers. Jack Worth gave travelers from far and wide a taste of Boston life and the Emerson experience simply because he wanted to help those who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to stay in the downtown area."

Avi Korbman, a commenter on the page, said, "Wherever I am, I stand with Jack Worth. #FreeJack Worth." 

Others have taken to social media in reaction to the situation.