Today is the 28th Annual National Coming Out Day celebration for the LGBT community to recognize the difficulties of coming out and their rights to live openly.

This day started on Oct. 11, 1988, a year following the second march on Washington, D.C. for lesbian and gay rights.

The Executive Director of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center David Heitstuman discussed the importance of what today means for all involved, especially the people who go through the coming out process.

"For every individual, their experience is different." Heitstuman said.

Families, friends and others either accept or reject the person, but Heitstuman believes the day is a great example of empowering the LGBT community to live an open life without fear of persecution.

"It's really important to remember what's in the heart." he said. "For us it's an opportunity to invite others to come out."

Though a special event for today's celebration is not being held at the center, they are providing various other events. A coming out peer group occurs every week for anyone willing to show up.

In Visalia, Calif. though, theSOURCE LGBT is holding a 'Light The Night Pride Ride' where people in attendance will ride their bikes through the city, decorating their bikes with lights and decor.