The winners of Taco Bell's "Love and Tacos" contest and the first couple to be married at the fast food restaurant's Las Vegas Cantina on the Strip, officially tied the knot this week.

On June 25, Dan Ryckert and Bianca Monda, enjoyed an all-expense paid trip to get married at the taco-filled Cantina. The lovebirds beat out more than 150 entries, across 17,000 votes.

And it's no wonder why. The couple are devoted Taco Bell fans. Dan has ordered every item off the Taco Bell menu and for his 32nd birthday, Bianca surprised him with a visit to one of California's hidden gems: Taco Bell in Pacifica.

For the spicy wedding, the couple and their guests ate an abundance of Taco Bell menu favorites, such as Doritos Locos Tacos and Cheesy Gordita Crunches and also threw back Twisted Freezes in Taco Bell champagne flutes.

<p>Taco Bell wedding menu</p>
Taco Bell champagne flutes

The nuptial party also enjoyed a Cinnabon Delights wedding cake and the bride carried a bouquet of Taco Bell sauce packets.

Cinnabon Delights wedding cake

Dan and Bianca may be the first to exchange vows at the Las Vegas Cantina but they certainly won't be the last.Starting August 7, 2017, Taco Bell fans everywhere can also get married in 'Live Mas' style. The $600 wedding package includes a ceremony with an ordained officiant, a private reception area for up to 15 guests, custom merchandise for the bride and groom, the Taco Bell champagne flutes and of course the Cinnabon Delights cake and sauce packet bouquet. Couples can order food off the Cantina menu but the package also includes a Taco 12 pack.The package is only available at the Las Vegas Cantina location. Click HERE for more information on a how to get married at Taco Bell.Check out all the photos from Dan and Bianca's big day below!